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Address: No.29, Langbei Industrial Zone, Frighten Pit Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen
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Corporate Vision: To build Minghui Enterprise into a world-class supplier of home furnishing products

Enterprise purpose: Serve customers with reliable products

Talent Strategy: Refined; Wisdom; Courageous; Zhiyuan

Business philosophy: quality first; value leading

Quality concept: Only with quality can there be a market

Quality target: 100% product qualification rate

Product concept: create a green world

Employment concept: diligent selection of people; emphasis on educating people; more employment

Management philosophy: Management is to follow the command of all actions

Innovation concept: Innovation is learning---study---exercise---internship---the whole process of review

Implementation philosophy: implementation is to put clear instructions into effective actions

Work policy: high efficiency; low loss; standardization

The concept of benevolence: caring for employees; caring for employees; helping employees

Team concept: Unity is to bring talented people together to do one thing well

Competitive philosophy: performance = quality X speed. Corporate competitiveness = various capabilities X speed of execution

Success concept: Success is accidental. Only by constantly using achievements to offset the factors of failure, can it be possible to achieve success in the end